10 gift wrapping ideas for Christmas

So just like that, as fast as the blink of an eye, we’re living again the most wonderful time of the year. And thank you internet for being a bottomless well of inspiration – and overwhelmingness – when it comes to everything in life, and of course, everything Christmas.

I’m sad I won’t be spending the holidays with my family this year – and won’t be buying many presents *um..yay?*  – but I can’t help but marvel at this magical time and how everything feels so cozy and wonderful. And I believe the holidays deserve you taking that little extra time to be crafty and creative and wrap your presents thoughtfully and beautifully -being able to buy and get presents is a privilege after all! So put on some good old Christmas tunes, pour yourself a glass of wine and make an evening out of it! I’m going to help you with some lovely ideas I’ve curated around the web:

White Paper and Hints of Nature – minimalist and elegant, probably the aesthetics fancy Scandinavian people would go for. And we all want to be fancy like them.

Twine and Berry – red, bright and decadent. Very Christmassy.

Christmas Cards – I love the look of these. They’d be perfect to pair with those vintage cards we find at flea markets. Crafty and sustainable. Perfection!

More natural elements. Very earthy and elegant.

These are like Martha Stewart level of dedication, the only one we should all strive for.

And that’s a wrap! —  do you see what I did there? I’m so bright and hilarious…

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