A new podcast to listen to!


I’m so late to this party, but I just started listening to Death, Sex and Money and I’m totally hooked! Anna Sale has such a seductive voice and a respectful way to reach people and ask the right questions. The conversations are so interesting and leaves you struggling with own thoughts and opinions on each matter.

Listening to people so openly talk about uncomfortable and intimate topics has made me confront the way I think and approach things in my life. I feel that the more we talk about things that are considered taboo, the easier the conversation gets. And the more we talk and confront those issues, the more we feel liberated and connected to other people. It seems that we all share a lot of the same fears and insecurities, but we just find it easier to keep it buried deep inside and go on with our lives under the assumption that no one else feels the same way.

A few episodes have inspired me to really think about money and relationships. I had no idea, but a lot of divorces happen because people don’t talk about money at all with their partners. Then problems snowball out of control and they find themselves completely isolated from one another. I was astonished to hear that. I’m determined to spark up real conversations with people around me so that we don’t allow little things turn into big things that keep us apart beyond repair.

It seemed like a good idea


Readers, it’s official: I’m finally putting in the time and effort to effectively learn German. Why would you do that to yourself?, you wonder. I know, I often ask myself that, too. I guess the easy and most obvious answer is that since I’m temporarily living in Germany, it only makes sense, right?

Most of the time I can get by with English and oh boy do I take advantage of that! But at the same time that makes life so tricky. Like when I was on the train by myself and after an announcement, everyone looked worried and stressed, the train suddenly stopped, some people got off, some remained seated and I had no idea what was going on for quite a while. That was an interesting experience.

Besides it’s impossible to be casual and make small talk with the clerk at the grocery store. I inevitably come off as weird every single time. I’m way too out of my comfort zone.

Wish me luck!

you never forget your first German meal

The very first time I visited Germany a few years ago, my friends and I found a huge biergarten in Munich and sat down to have some authentic German beer. The place was vibrant, loud, surrounded by trees and crowded with enthusiastic people. It was a sunny afternoon and we couldn’t be more excited.

We took a look at the menu and obviously could hardly pronounce any of those immense words, but we sure took our time and had fun attempting to do so. That’s when we decided to do what any reasonable person would in a similar situation: just randomly pick out items off the menu and do an awful job of reading them out to a very impatient server!

We called that “being open to possibilities” and had no idea what was coming our way. Then this beauty came along:


I don’t know why we were so surprised. This was Germany after all! We shouldn’t have expected anything other than a plate full of sausage topped with onions. A bit questionable, yet quite memorable first German meal.

The beer was good though.

An affair to remember

A few years ago I watched An affair to remember and fell in love with Deborah Kerr; she was so elegant and graceful, her style so sophisticated. Although considered to be one of the most romantic movies of all time, for some reason I seemed to be more drawn to the more introspect details of the story than the romance itself.

I still find these words so beautiful and hunting. And today I’m feeling a little bit like this:



Brooklyn Bridge memories

Last time I was in New York City I spent an entire afternoon hanging around the Brooklyn Bridge; watching the never ending flow of people coming and going, the river and boats, the sun setting over the city and a million lights suddenly coming to life.

People have decided to turn the bridge into a canvas, writing words in different languages, from declaring love to shout-outs to distant homelands. Is it vandalism or is it inspiring?

I don’t really know. But some of them get to become souvenirs:


Across New Zealand


Okay I have to admit, this post is entirely brought to you by my bad ass little sister who’s currently travelling across New Zealand all on her own! The landscape is nothing short of spectacular and it reminds me a lot of western Canada. It’s funny because last summer we were crossing Canada together by train and now we are so far apart. This makes me think of two things: I miss my sister a lot, that trip together is still my all time favorite and I’m definitely planning a trip to New Zealand soon. Okay that was three, but who’s keeping count anyway!

Now take a look at these and fall in love with New Zealand!

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Reading Mindy Kaling


Mindy and I are super best friends now; it’s more of a one-sided relationship, I mean, she does most of the talking while I basically just listen and laugh for the most part. Although I do talk back sometimes, but then she never listens. You know actors, they make everything about themselves.

Ha! As silly as that sounds, sometimes I feel that way because after listening to both her audiobooks, narrated by her, I found Mindy Kaling so relatable! Her books are mainly stories about herself growing up, then becoming a successful writer and also a little glimpse into her mind and thoughts. And it’s funny when you meet someone who can waste hours having wildly unimportant imaginary conversations in their head, feel insecure and embarrass themselves the same way you think you do. Sometimes it really seems like she gets carried away by this whole romantic comedy scenarios in life, as if she’s living in a Nora Ephron world, which I found hilarious and sweet. I think that’s why her imagination and creativity are such powerful features of her personality. She’s also smart, cheeky and funny.

By the way, back in 2011 she wrote this piece about the different women we see in movies for the New Yorker and it’s so on point! A great, great funny read, yet again.