Back in the Old Continent


So I guess this is it. I managed to stretch out my summer break well into autumn and got to indulge in bright blue skies, sunny weather, family, friends and even some Halloween hype. I already miss it all and more, but now it’s time to get back to business and catch up with all the classes I’ve missed.

I’m back in Germany to finish my studies and it feels quite funny to be back! I completely forgot about the challenges of living in a land where you barely speak the local language, but it’s all slowly sinking in. We got blue skies today, which if you’ve even been to Germany you know it’s quite rare, so I’m delighting on that for the moment.

I took a personality test today that reminded me I am the kind of person who mysteriously enjoys breaking out of my comfort zone, so that gave me some reassurance at a brief moment of minor panic and insecurity. All is well. And I’m grateful to be here.

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