Some thoughts on a cloudy day

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Sometimes when I’m sitting in a closed room, stuck at my desk wasting away hours and hours on reading assignments or more often than not, procrastinating and scrolling down bottomless Instagram feeds, I wonder – there’s got to be a better way to be spending my time than this! Inevitably and instantly, anxiety and frustration strike – I should be out there! Experimenting! Living! Experiencing! All the exclamation points possible!

But I’m not. I’m here in my mold. Then, in an attempt to reason with myself, I remember that life is this beautiful symphony composed of ups and downs, moments of pure adventure and excitement and then, moments of the same old, and perhaps a little dullness. And if you think about it, that’s actually a beautiful balance. We wouldn’t be properly equipped to deal with and be appreciative of the wonderful times if it weren’t for the tough ones.

The other day, listening to a Modern Love podcast episode featuring Jake Gyllenhaal, he said something in that soothing voice of his: the only way to being the human that we wish to be is inevitably through some pain. How insightful and wise.

I’m still sitting at my desk, a million thoughts in my head; struggling to make a decision on what to prioritize and end up doing nothing relatively productive. But during these times I like to remind myself that the world is full of possibilities and truly, anything can happen. Time goes by so fast, today you’re stuck in a place that makes you unhappy, in a few months from now you can be living your best days laughing with friends on a deserted beach.

Right now I’m reminiscing on the wonderful trips I got to go last year. A year ago I was hiking up mountains in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places I ever got to visit – Banff, Alberta. I’m also dreaming up my next trip, my next adventure, my next breath of fresh air, my next moment of pure bliss. And it can happen at any moment, even sooner than I could ever hope.

I may sound like a dreamer, but you know, I’m not the only one 😉

Photo: Me being happy and pensive on top of a mountain looking down at Jasper, Alberta.

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