A very British Christmas

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Dear reader, the purpose of this blog still remains a mystery to me. During its short life so far, its recurring theme has been a lack of clear direction and a sense of priority. I guess what I’m trying to do here is document snippets of my life and thoughts. And at the same time, find my own writing voice.

So continuing with the theme of randomness, today I am beyond excited because after a conversation with a dear friend, we suddenly had a plan for Christmas! I was beginning to get a bit preoccupied with the thought of not having plans for the holidays –  my favorite time of the year, and this time around away from family and friends, and was trying to avoid thinking about it altogether. But life is such a funny thing sometimes! Opportunities just seem to come out of nowhere just when we need some light! So as of now, I am the happy owner of a plane ticket to London, where I’ll get to spend a very magical Christmas with a beloved friend I haven’t seen in a while. Our plans so far include a lot of walking and sightseeing because that’s all our budget can afford, but we don’t care. In fact, if there’s anyone out there reading this and perhaps has any suggestions for us we would love to hear them! I can’t wait.

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