Sometimes I can’t resist a shopping spree

This is not a shopping haul post, but I did end up buying a lot of super cheap, good quality products from brands I didn’t even know before. This Australian brand Organik Botanik offers amazing skincare products that come in super cute packaging designs. Highly recommend them!

FullSizeRender (5)

The last couple years of my life have been punctuated by a lot of travelling between long  periods of real life stuff. In the meantime, in the process of packing, unpacking, moving in and moving out I began to develop a tendency towards a more minimalist lifestyle. I could no longer appreciate a room full of objects and unnecessary items; they only brought back memories of minor distress and anxiety about trying to fit them all into a suitcase or having to get rid of them. It was a natural process and it’s been suiting me just fine.

Since I moved to Germany about a year ago, I’ve already lived in three different addresses and even thought I haven’t brought a lot of stuff with me, every time I have to move I ask myself why the heck do I have so much stuff! Anyway.. after a summer in the US no wonder my minimalist tendency flew out of the window and suddenly my appreciation for the perks of capitalism just came rushing back to me. There are sales all around you, there’s clearance… and that might as well be my favorite English word at this point. And, there’s TJ Maxx.. how can one resist the wonders of TJ Maxx! I had no intention of spending my dollars that way but I came back to Germany with a suitcase full of little products I was very happy to buy.

I’m still an under-buyer by all means and having said that, my bedroom is packed with so many products I’m struggling to keep organized, but I’m very okay with that. In fact I miss having access to so many stores and options like that. Everything closes at 6 pm around here and the country shuts down every Sunday. Not that I’m going to go out shopping every day but I like having the option and it also gives me a strange sense of security knowing that I’ll have access to things if I need them and that I have people around me. I know this sounds very strange. I never thought this would be a side effect of living here. But for example, a few months ago I woke up feeling very sick on a Sunday morning and there was nowhere to go to get a painkiller or anything like that. Once I forgot to buy groceries before a holiday and that meant two days with no food.

I shouldn’t be complaining and that’s not at all what I’m trying to do here: it’s just a personal analyses. I’m actually surprised about the things I find myself missing. It’s funny how much you can learn about yourself when you’re completely out of your comfort zone. Sometimes I feel like I have everything under control, and at those times I’m quite proud of myself. But then there are days when the most unimportant and small things can trigger small panic attacks. It’s a roller coaster, everybody! Oh being human…

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