Three podcasts to try


When I moved to Germany last year, I found that listening to podcasts was an interesting way to feel connected to something and be somewhat part of a bigger conversation – other than the intense monologue that would go on and on inside my head. It’s weird how after a while you start feeling like the people behind those voices are all your friends and you start feeling really close. I now listen to some many podcasts that sometimes I’m not able to keep up with my feed.

I also like how there’s always one that fits whatever mood I’m in and I end up learning a lot about things and people I never even knew existed.

Here are five podcasts I’m listening to that you might like, too.

Listen to FRESH AIR if you like culture and good conversations: it brings fascinating writers, actors, musicians and politicians into one-on-one interviews with Terry Gross – who makes every interview feels very intimate and dynamic. Her soothing voice and sharp questions always keeps things interesting.

Listen to STRONG OPINIONS LOOSELY HELD if you like pop culture and feminism:  introduced by Refinery 29, Elisa Kreisinger explores current themes in pop culture through socio-political and feminist lenses to ask relevant questions and open up discussions. I love the passion in her voice, the way she shakes things up and leaves me wondering about the topics discussed long after the episodes are over.

Listen to MODERN LOVE if you like reading the super popular New York Times column: and would like to listen to the essays being narrated by different actors, all in a very emotional and beautiful way. Each essay is brought to life in such a wonderful way, some episodes will give you the chills.

I listen to a lot more, but I would like to hear from you! What podcasts do you love?

Illustration by Brian Rea for Modern Love.

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