It seemed like a good idea


Readers, it’s official: I’m finally putting in the time and effort to effectively learn German. Why would you do that to yourself?, you wonder. I know, I often ask myself that, too. I guess the easy and most obvious answer is that since I’m temporarily living in Germany, it only makes sense, right?

Most of the time I can get by with English and oh boy do I take advantage of that! But at the same time that makes life so tricky. Like when I was on the train by myself and after an announcement, everyone looked worried and stressed, the train suddenly stopped, some people got off, some remained seated and I had no idea what was going on for quite a while. That was an interesting experience.

Besides it’s impossible to be casual and make small talk with the clerk at the grocery store. I inevitably come off as weird every single time. I’m way too out of my comfort zone.

Wish me luck!

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