A new podcast to listen to!


I’m so late to this party, but I just started listening to Death, Sex and Money and I’m totally hooked! Anna Sale has such a seductive voice and a respectful way to reach people and ask the right questions. The conversations are so interesting and leaves you struggling with own thoughts and opinions on each matter.

Listening to people so openly talk about uncomfortable and intimate topics has made me confront the way I think and approach things in my life. I feel that the more we talk about things that are considered taboo, the easier the conversation gets. And the more we talk and confront those issues, the more we feel liberated and connected to other people. It seems that we all share a lot of the same fears and insecurities, but we just find it easier to keep it buried deep inside and go on with our lives under the assumption that no one else feels the same way.

A few episodes have inspired me to really think about money and relationships. I had no idea, but a lot of divorces happen because people don’t talk about money at all with their partners. Then problems snowball out of control and they find themselves completely isolated from one another. I was astonished to hear that. I’m determined to spark up real conversations with people around me so that we don’t allow little things turn into big things that keep us apart beyond repair.

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