Everyone gets old

I was listening to Jane Fonda talk about her life on an episode of Death, Sex and Money (obsessed much?) and it was, once again, captivating to get a glimpse into someone else’s life story and personal struggles. I never knew – and still don’t know – much about her, but I thoroughly enjoyed getting to hear her talk a bit about her childhood, how her traumas have shaped her and the wisdom she now has to share as an older woman. I recently  watched Barefoot in the park and found it such a strange little movie, and honestly was mostly intrigued by how stunning both she and Robert Redford look in it!

It all made me think of how beauty is fleeting and how our obsession with youth and looking forever young is actually devastating. It’s such a privilege to grow old. We should perhaps spend a little more time cultivating our inner life, and less time worring about our fading looks. There’s so much more to life than that. Anyway, just take a look at how beautiful young Jane Fonda looks. So gorgeous! The great part is that she’s now almost 80 and STILL looking stunning. But it seems like her personality and wit are her best features. Growing old doesn’t have to be so terrible, right? Here’s hoping…


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