Spreading some holiday cheer


At this point, I can’t hardly contain my excitement. Christmas to me is such a wonderful time; there’s so much nostalgia, there’s a sense of hope and togetherness. It’s an end and a beginning. There’s cookies being baked in the morning, there’s Nat King Cole on the speakers. There are hugs and fights and disagreements and lots of food and family and the occasional stress; but ultimately there’s love and excitement. Until suddenly it’s all over and we’re back to real life.

There are a few movies that I watch every year and let’s be honest, they’re probably the same movies everyone watches every year, but hey it’s just good to honor them and be reminded of how great they are! I never get sick of these and every time feels like the first time. I don’t think I could ever get sick of watching Will Ferrell in Elf. It’s just too good to ever get old. So in case you need some holiday cheer, here’s five movies that will help you get in the mood:

Elf cause duh! 

Home Alone – it’s not Christmas without Home Alone.

Love Actually – everyone’s favorite Christmas rom-com.

While you were sleeping – not exactly a Christmas movie, but it’s set at Christmas and it’s Sandra Bullock plus Bill Pullman plus a very Christmassy Chicago, so it’s great and lovely!

It’s a wonderful life – a wonderful classic with powerful and important life lessons.


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