Hello, 2018


So it’s officially 2018! I guess this is the time when everyone starts sharing motivational quotes and lists of goals and resolutions for the new year; therefore here I am to do my part in adding another blog post to an endless pile of other blog posts about the same topic, cause why the heck not.

I usually don’t place too much importance on New Years resolutions because to me it’s just another date on the calendar and I feel like it sneaks up on me, and I don’t have time to prepare or get closure on the previous year. Of course I take this season to be reflective and considerate about my goals and dreams, but I also do that throughout the year and whenever I decide to make changes or chase a dream I just go for it. I don’t wait for December 31st to come around so that I can suddenly be ready for it. Also, experience has taught me that I always seem to fail at keeping my New Years resolutions; and the reason for that is because when it comes to New Years goals I go big or go home, and that manifests itself as the kind of resolutions one makes when they want their entire being changed. So I would never commit to going to the gym regularly or eat healthier; things like that sounded too simple-minded. I would usually go for philosophical, overly ambitious, life altering goals like becoming an alchemist or changing and recreating my entire personality. So I’d give up week into it, completely forget about it and seriously question my motives after an epiphany a few months later. I used to think resolutions should be larger than life and virtually unattainable.

So these days I take a more realistic (and satisfying) approach to resolutions and I prioritize practicability over nonsense. This new way of thinking has turned me into a happier person. This year I want to:

stop with my overwhelming tendency to procrastinate

practice gratitude

be more organized and focused

brush up on old skills and hobbies, as well as learn new ones

read more books.

And, if I’m lucky enough, figure out some existential problems along the way:


Simple, humble and attainable. Let the games begin.

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