In Pursuit of A Better Life


Hello friends! Long time no post. I guess you could say I had a long week of procrastination and soul searching. One thing I’ve learned? The soul searching never ends, it’s a lifelong process, get used to it.

I’m taking the time to really get to know myself. It sounds so cheesy, but I feel that sometimes I just go through life on autopilot. I believe that it is my job to be in control of my thoughts and how I feel, and I how I shape my reality. So I’m taking small steps towards a more efficient and fulfilling lifestyle: I’m getting up a bit earlier in the morning; I meditate (still trying to figure out how that works, by the way), write on my journal and do yoga. It sounds like so much work, but it’s actually very pleasant and I feel that I’m starting off my day more prepared, more productive and alert.

On my tendency to procrastinate, I’m taking a new approach to solve the problem. I have this new mantra that I keep repeating constantly in my head: the only way past it is through it. It works! Well it might be too soon to take any conclusions, but so far so good. And it’s amazing how you feel so much better after just sucking it up doing something you were supposed to do in the first place. You feel so much lighter afterwards. Why does my brain refuse to accept that?!

Anyway, it’s all paying off quite nicely. Halfway through my walk back home today the rain was falling sideways, the wind broke my umbrella. I was soaking wet, but I remembered to keep positive thoughts and not let that ruin my mood, like my mom always says. No, wait a minute. Am I becoming my mother? Oh no..

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