The one where I think I’m a model

Okay, so technically this is not a fashion blog. But my interests span multiple fields – and apparently I have a lot of free time, because taking these pictures took longer than I expected! Anyway, it all started with me getting ready to go out with friends. I wasn’t feeling inspired so it didn’t take me long to put an outfit together, but I ended up really liking the final result – even though it’s a plain, earth-tone look that doesn’t really stand out. But that’s the beauty of it: just a simple, classic look I guess!

Back to the story: suddenly I was quite pleased with myself so I decided to channel my inner model and do an impromptu shoot. Yeah.. I need to work on that.. so let’s pretend it looks decent and also go ahead and disregard that lousy background. Hey, I’m just trying to bring back that exhilarating amateur quality blogs used to have in the good old days!


Coat: H&M

Shirt: American Eagle

Skirt: Marshalls


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