Long time no see!


Hey there, folks! Let’s just go right ahead and address the big elephant in the room: if there ever was an award for Least Reliable Blogger, I’m afraid I would be the one walking away with it. Talk about inconsistency, eh!

I must say though, in IRL I am a loyal, reliable person. Just ask any of my two friends (jokes, I have more than two friends). Okay now let us move on to more important topics.

I got to spend a few days in Scotland recently and I was lucky enough to be blessed with perfect weather every single day. Blue skies and a chilly wind would greet me on my long walks across the city, and I got to see some breathtaking landscapes.

I spent an entire day exploring beautiful Edinburgh, but Glasgow was the city I got to experience the most, since I was staying with a friend who lives there. It was interesting to see the contrasts between both cities. Glasgow seems to get a bad rep, but it’s the kind of city that grows on you. I visited some very interesting museums, and they were all for free. The Glasgow Film Festival was going on and I got to watch a documentary at the Centre for Contemporary Arts. I had amazing Indian food at a very lively restaurant, great Mexican food at another and great ramen. There were college parties and train rides to Loch Lomond ( so beautiful ) and I finished it off with a little trip to Island of Arran. I was absolutely in awe of its stunning beauty. What a magical place!

Of course there were castles, lots of castles and the beautiful highlands everywhere you look. It was a lovely time, I really do dearly miss it. There are some moments in life that just feel too precious. I will treasure those moments forever.

Here are some pictures if you’d like to see!






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