Consistency, what?

At the beginning of the year I wrote down a list of beautiful and honorable goals I would like to accomplish in 2018. One of those items consisted of reading more books. Growing up I used to pride myself on the fact that I was an avid reader who enjoyed spending afternoons at the library. Woohoo, living la vida loca. So that was a simple, realistic goal and I was quite pleased with myself for stimulating my intellect.

Well, we’re now in March, three months into 2018 and this is what my list looks like right now. (But notice how I even took the time and effort to make it look nice. That’s commitment!)


If I’m doing the math right, that’s not even one book a month. The sad thing is, I actually do enjoy reading! Reading is fun! I loved both books. I couldn’t put Blink down, I was so fascinated.

Oh well, that only means one thing. It’s only month three and I already need to edit my goals list. Before prioritizing books, I need to work on my consistency. In fact, this is gonna be my goal for the year: Consistency. 

Go forth and unafraid.

2 thoughts on “Consistency, what?

  1. cravingtrips

    Well, those flowers are so well drawn, I wish I could make my lists look so gorgeous (I can only aim to add childish stickers to my pages hehe) anyways, about the books. I used to be the same, expending long afternoons reading, absorb between pages for hours but know I don’t seem to feel that way anymore, which is a shame, I guess it’s just another phase in life… I wouldn’t worry too much tho, for sure the days of going whistling around with a book under the arm will come back 😉

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    1. Vienna Olive

      haha thank you!! You’re absolutely right. I go through phases too, I either devour books or don’t finish them at all! Its quite frustrating, but I’m sure it’ll pass and soon enough I’ll be able to proper read a book! haha thank you for reading my posts!

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