Millennial Love

Talking to friends I’ve been noticing a pattern.

Aren’t we all confused about love these days? Mass media feeds us unrealistic ideas of romance and we grow up expecting that at one point in our lives we’ll meet a perfect person and everything will be easy and that’ll be real love. In the meantime you convince yourself that it’s okay to live in a hookup culture, where everyone keeps things shallow so that they don’t get hurt. People avoid intimacy and vulnerability, because being casual is a way of protecting your heart. It’s become so natural to separate emotions from the physical. Young people are getting cynical, selfish and everyone is replaceable. Everyone tries so hard not to care, it’s exhausting.

But couldn’t it be love if we were bold enough to give it a chance? And risk putting our hearts on the line?

Truth is it’s terrifying to realize when that happens to you and how powerless it makes you feel. So shutting that down is so much easier than dealing with the full complexity of a relationship. Or worse, being rejected. Getting attached is the ultimate weakness.

Falling in love and developing an emotional connection with someone is so complicated and messy. It’s involuntary and abrupt. And then it takes hard work and continual effort. Why put yourself through that when there are so many options out there, at your fingertips?

We have these ideas of how men and women are supposed to behave, but now it’s all a blur, no one can really make a move and everyone seems to be afraid and unsatisfied. We’re closer and freer than ever, but we’ve never been so isolated and distant.

But it’s alright. We’re good at pretending it didn’t mean anything.


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