Killer boots

Quite literally.

FullSizeRender (1)

Do you see these cute, innocent looking booties? They’re quite popular. Every elegant, effortlessly chic woman owns a pair. Well, I’ve always aspired to be an elegant, chic woman myself, so when I saw these next to a huge sale sign it felt like destiny. Suddenly I had to have them. I could already picture my new life wearing them everywhere and how they go everything.

So I bought them.

But some shoes aren’t made for walking. They’re meant to kill your feet! Breaking them in has been such a painful process, I swear to you the only time they didn’t hurt my feet was when I had a few drinks at a party. Prior to that moment I could barely move during the evening, and then all of a sudden I was walking everywhere and didn’t feel a thing. It was amazing!

But that’s not very sustainable. I can’t afford to get drunk every time I decide to wear the damn boots. But I won’t give up on them. I’m tough and you know what they say, things worth having don’t come easy.

That’s what I tell myself. But this is how I feel:

BeFunky Collage2

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