Heath Ledger got me thinking

Everyone you meet always asks if you have a career, are married or own a house as if life was some kind of grocery list. But nobody ever asks if you are happy. – Heath Ledger


I came across this quote and it stuck with me. Do you agree with that? When I first read it I was like YES! I’ve always been so ambitious and adventurous, that a lot of times I make unconventional choices in life. Society does seem to expect people to follow a script when it comes to creating your own story, but the concept of happiness can look so different for everyone. At the same time though, living in this day and age we are used to being bombarded with images of perfect lives on social media and lately this happiness list seems to be growing bigger and bigger. It’s not just about the house and the career anymore. It’s about having an absolutely perfect life. And that is daunting.

Researches say that happiness is a choice. It’s an active decision that you have to make every single day. Sounds hard, doesn’t it? The more I live, the more I see that life really is about love and the pursue of happiness. And that journey is full of ups and downs. But because of that, moments of joy are so powerful to us. I guess I’m still learning what happiness means to me. But the more I think about it, the more I’m more convinced that whatever it is it doesn’t look like a grocery list. Although I’m very aware that we must have responsibilities, face some uncomfortable decisions and that a career and a house are important things to consider. So it’s all about balance. And respecting other people’s ideas of happiness.

But then again it’s only Monday. I gotta chill.

2 thoughts on “Heath Ledger got me thinking

    1. Vienna Olive

      Yes, that’s something that I’ve experienced as well..a lot of times it really is about choosing to be happy and sticking with it! It’s a process but it’s worth it!


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