The sun’s out!


The last few months have been gray, cold and hostile to outdoor activities. But now nature is coming alive after the long period of hibernation and flowers of all kinds and colors can be seen blossoming everywhere we go. It’s such a beautiful and flawless trick of nature: the trees going from leafless to a bright green color. Watching and feeling this change around me makes me think of how the world is full of possibilities and that nothing ever stays the same. Hard times, just like the good times, come and go. There’s always opportunity for growth and new beginnings.

I borrowed my roommate’s bike and went for a long ride across town that made my legs sore and got my heart pounding with the rush of freedom. I’m alive. I can do anything. I can be anything.

Here’s a celebration of spring and the changes it brings.





2 thoughts on “The sun’s out!

  1. Keira

    Gorgeous photos 😍 winter has been way too long this year. Sounds like you had a good bike ride! Every spring I always think about how the seasons never fail to change even if everything else seems to.

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