Breakfast with a view

I think we can all agree breakfast is the best meal of the day, and now that we’ve established that, let’s talk about elevating the breakfast experience – and by elevating I mean going all the way up to the 44th floor.

Toronto is a city that offers a plethora of breakfast/brunch options that go from tiny local joints to extravagant restaurants, and if you want to go over-the-top and start your day off with a breathtaking view of the city and the CN tower, Kost will offer you just that. Located in the sophisticated financial district and sitting atop the Bisha Hotel, the experience is luxurious right from the start: you are welcomed into an elegant and dark lobby, and as the immense doors close behind you, so does the city sounds and so does reality.

The rooftop restaurant feels outdoorsy and light. There are reclining chairs surrounding an infinity pool and stunning panoramic views of the city. We made reservations for a Friday morning, and I went from being a moody bean to a happy camper pretty quickly – it had been a tough week. Allowing yourself to have breakfast on the 44th floor on a random summer morning makes for a strangely exhilarating and luxurious time. As people were rushing to work, we were crossing the city for home fries.

Having said that, the restaurant is pricey but the breakfast menu doesn’t differ much from most brunch places in the city. I ordered the eggs Benedict and my friend ordered the Kost breakfast. The hollandaise sauce tastes light and buttery and was my favourite thing on the plate. But being the brunch aficionado that I am I was expecting more. The home fries was nothing special and the plating didn’t spark my attention either. Maybe my expectations were too high? I was told people go there for the views and drinks and not the food in particular, but these things shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. You can offer both amazing views and amazing food simultaneously. My final verdict is this: go for the view, stay for the view. Also, the service is friendly and casual, and I particularly appreciate that. And on a final note: the place makes for enviable instagram pictures, and isn’t that half the goal these days?

Breakfast with a view

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