Introducing: The coffee shop series

There are two types of people in the world: people who love coffee, and people who hate coffee. I belong to the first group and have for longer than I can remember. An ever present part of my daily diet, that’s how I start my day and, for some people’s astonishment, how I occasionally also finish my day. At this point in my life I am completely immune to the sleep blocking effects it should have in my brain. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing is completely irrelevant to this article, because I have chosen to ignore it completely and just dive into a new little experiment:

A coffee shop series experiment!

This is how it’s going to work: I am going to various coffee shops around the city (and the GLOBE *manifestation queen*) and write a quick little review on it. I know, groundbreaking concept. The beauty of having your own blog is that you can write and do whatever you want, even if it’s completely useless and unasked for. Even if it’s just for your own amusement and vanity – in fact, those were the exact intentions behind this idea (sarcasm, people).

I figured there’s got to be at least a couple people out there that share the same level of enthusiasm I feel towards coffee. People who will understand the excitement and appreciation for a good cup of coffee, and the very frequent disappointment when faced with a really bad one – it’s more common than you think. I’m a huge fan of coffee shops and I just love the entire concept: a cozy place where you can sit with a book, a laptop, or meet up with friends for a chat. The smell of coffee in the atmosphere and some folky music on the background. Add a couple of random pastries and some really overpriced drinks and I’m all in. Toronto has countless coffee shops to please any particular taste and style, so if you need some recommendations, this is the place to be. And if you have some lovely recommendations for yours truly, please do share! I’m always up for trying and overpaying for mediocre coffee I could make myself!

So to kick the series off on the right foot, we’re starting with a small coffee shop that has THE best iced vanilla latte in the city – perhaps a rather precocious statement, but we’ve yet to find out: Bud’s Coffee Bar. The iced vanilla latte is the only thing on the menu that I’ve actually tried, but everything there always looks good; the pastries look fresh and moist and there’s just enough variety to keep you interested but not confused as to what to order. If you sit by the window you get a lovely view of the up and coming Queen St East, but if you need some quiet they have a cozy room in the back that’s so inviting and cute.

Should we come up with a rating system? What about a 5-star scale? Wow, I’m full of ideas today.

Okay, so the final verdict. Although I highly recommend Bud’s Coffee Bar, I feel that it’s a bit too soon in the research process to start throwing five stars around, so I’ll be a little conservative here. I give it an overall 4 stars, which is pretty good! Once again, they won me over with that iced vanilla latte that tastes so creamy and somehow sweet enough that you barely need to add any sugar. I believe they froth the milk before adding the ice and the coffee, and that my friends make a whole lot of difference it turns out. Besides, they are located at the heart of the beaches, which is becoming such a lively community, and it’s a great place to people watch and get some inspiration. So all in all, even if you’re far out, it’s still worth the trip. After all, no sacrifice is too great for a great cup of coffee.

*pictures stolen from the internet

Introducing: The coffee shop series

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