This is a recycled post from all the way back to 2017! (time flies)

I’m reposting this for two reasons: the sentiment is really sweet and brings me back lovely memories; secondly – and most importantly: I haven’t gotten one postcard again ever since. Nada. Zero.

So friends out there, step up your game, will ya?


This past month I got not one, but two postcards in the mail! It’s such a wonderful surprise to have a postcard sent to you from miles and miles away from someone you love. Someone who’s off living adventures in faraway lands. You hold their handwritten words and thoughts in your hands. A simple way to make someone feel special and strengthen the bond between friends.

My sister in New Zealand, a friend in Russia. Places I haven’t been, people I dearly miss.


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  1. Tammy says:

    I promise I’ll send you another one 🙂


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