Browned Butter Jalapeño Cornbread Muffins



Cornbread muffins might not sound like an exquisite, or even exciting recipe to try, but there’s just something comforting about a crumbling, warm, buttery bite of cornbread muffin that fills me with joy. If you haven’t noticed yet, when talking about food I tend to lean hard into adjectives, and every description is a cheesy feeling. But isn’t that what food is all about anyway? Comfort, home, heart, soul, love… Food is also about challenges, breaking barriers, and getting out of your comfort zone, but when it’s a crispy Sunday morning, the weather is changing and you can smell fall in the air, there’s nothing better than the smell of fresh muffins coming out of the oven.

The first time I saw this recipe I was immediately intrigued by the jalapeño part of it. What I love about cornbread muffins is how easy and unfussy they are. There’s no complicated technique required, you basically only need one bowl and they come out not too sweet, not too savoury, just a delicious in-between. So when I found these I didn’t know exactly what to expect: browned butter, jalapeños and Greek yogurt were added to the mix, a combination I had never used before. Intrigued, excited and slightly sceptical, I was promptly up to the challenge.

I thought about ditching the honey and using white sugar instead, as I was afraid the flavour would overpower everything else (which has happened in recipes I tried in the past), but I ultimately decided to go with it and don’t regret my decision. There’s only a hint of honey in the final product, and it’s not too sweet. I got the recipe from Half Baked Harvest, and I absolutely love everything she makes. She has turned me into a browned butter lover, and I don’t think I could ever make cornbread muffins without it again! It adds such a nutty, caramelised flavour that is absolutely divine, and it also gives the muffins that deep golden colour. When adding the jalapeño I’m sad to report that I was a wuss and only added half of one. I was afraid of the heat, but next time I’m going all in and add a whole old pepper to it. They did have a kick though, which was fantastic, but I wouldn’t mind a little more spicyness next time.

The recipe is very straightforward and quick to make. My only tip is watching out when browning the butter. You don’t want to burn it, but doing it over low heat will take forever, so do it over medium high heat, stirring frequently until it reaches a nice, deep golden brown tone. I also recommend sifting the butter before combining the other ingredients ( little flecks of brown will appear in the melted yellow liquid) and wait until it cools down a bit before start adding everything else.

They come out the right amount of sweet, spicy and savoury, and they are amazing anytime of the day. A generous smear of butter, or a drizzle of honey will make them even more delicious, so don’t skip that step. The recipe yields approximately 16 muffins and the jalapeño is completely optional, although highly recommended!

You can download the recipe here!

Browned Butter Jalapeño Cornbread Muffins

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