I tried it: YouTube Exercise Videos

Online exercise routines are great. Have you ever tried it? When I moved to Germany I decided to give them a try and here are my thoughts…

I used to go to them gym regularly, and because my main goal has always been to build muscle and size, I used to think that I could only accomplish that by going to a proper gym and making use of machines. But then I move to Germany, my routine is suddenly turned upside down and I can barely communicate in the local language, so that was a good time to remind myself of how scrappy I am! How I’m such a renaissance woman who can find a way to work out without any gym or scary, heavy machinery.

Enter YouTube.

It was the beginning of an era. And what I’ve learned along the journey is priceless (quite literally):

My success depends only on myself. If I want to see results all I have to do is set up a time to work out three to four times a week, work on my diet and if I stick to this routine I will see positive results. It sounds simple because it is simple, but it took me a while to really understand that if I want to become stronger, more flexible and more toned, then it really is just about being consistent and persistent and I will get the results I want eventually.

I don’t necessarily need to use machines to get the results I want. This is fantastic because that means I am free to do my workouts anytime, anywhere. There are so many amazing exercises that target specific parts of your body that you can do using only your own body weight, and they are HARD and INTENSE, and highly effective – I use dumbbells and ankle weights for my routine because they add extra resistance – and I like making things harder for myself. By the end of my workouts I’m usually exhausted, and I like changing routines from time to time to keep things fresh and interesting.

Although I look forward to going back to my gym days eventually, this little routine is still working really fine for me for now and it keeps me from living a sedentary life, while keeping me strong and flexible. Sounds good to me.

Trust me, I’ve tried a lot of different videos and channels since embarking on this journey, and I’ve put together my absolute favourites here. If you ever feel like exercising at home, or maybe you’re on vacation and need to get your body moving, you should definitely give these a try!


I love Cassey’s videos because they’re a mix of pilates, yoga and muscle workouts. She has hundreds of videos on any type of workout you need and they’re SO intense. She explains every move and exercise in details and I honestly don’t know how she can talk nonstop while exercising nonstop when I’m basically just struggling to keep up.

Boho Beautiful

Juliana teaches yoga and workout routines that are very centred in mindfulness and peace. I love them because she takes the time to set intentions, stretch the body and workout all in one quick routine. If I can be half as flexible as that woman I’ll be very happy. Long way to go though.


Rebecca is super energetic and she has great videos on abs, butt and legs workouts – you know all that good stuff. I like how she has so many variations of the same exercises that target specific areas. It doesn’t get boring but it does get extreme!

Yoga with Kassandra

And to finish it off we have Kassandra, who I’ve only found recently but after falling in and out of love with so many yoga teachers online I was so happy I landed on her channel. She has a calm way of explaining every pose and every move without getting boring, she doesn’t rush through the poses but also doesn’t hold it for too long – it’s just the right amount. Her Morning Yoga Full Body Stretch is my current favourite and it’s like a 10 minute body massage to start the day.

Do you have any workout videos you like? What do you do for exercise? I’d love to know!

I tried it: YouTube Exercise Videos

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  1. Tammy says:

    Loved the tips! I’ll definitely check that 10min stretch out


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