Quick Tip Thursday: Vaseline

If you’ve watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you remember how the dad insists that anything in life can be cured with windex – Put some windex on it! 

For what seemed to be a very long time, I was trying – and failing miserably – to deal with my dull and lifeless fingernails. Suddenly my hands started feeling constantly dry and my nails were awfully brittle. I don’t know if it was the weather or stress, but it was driving me insane. I tried everything: from vitamin pills to different moisturisers, but nothing really seemed to work.

And then, out of desperation I tried slathering Vaseline all over my hands. I did that for weeks. Doing so is oddly satisfying, and extremely inconvenient; the thing is so sticky and grease and hard to cleanse from the skin. I got Vaseline all over my laptop keyboard, my phone and it’s really messy and really annoying. BUT, you guys!, my fingernails look healthy again! It feels like a small miracle. I was losing hope. I think Vaseline might be the answer to everything. My new motto in life is just put some Vaseline on it.

Quick Tip Thursday: Vaseline

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