Reading Mindy Kaling


Mindy and I are super best friends now. It’s more of a one-sided relationship, I mean, she does most of the talking while I basically just sit there listening and laughing for the most part. Although I do talk back sometimes, but then she never listens. You know actors, they make everything about themselves.

Ha! That’s how I feel after listening to both her audiobooks, narrated by Mindy herself. She’s so funny and relatable. Both books are mainly stories about from her childhood to her way to becoming a successful writer, but mostly it’s a fun little glimpse into her mind and thoughts. It’s so interesting when you meet someone who can waste hours having wildly unimportant imaginary conversations in their head, who often feels insecure and embarrasses themselves at the same rate you think you do of yourself. Occasionally, as you go through the book, it really feels like she gets carried away by these whole romantic comedy scenarios in life, as if she’s living in a Nora Ephron world, which I found both hilarious and sweet. That explains her success as TV writer and creative person. I think that’s why her imagination and creativity are such powerful features of her personality. She’s just smart, cheeky and funny.

By the way, back in 2011 she wrote this piece about the different women we see in movies for the New Yorker and it’s so on point! A great, great funny read, yet again.

Reading Mindy Kaling

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