a little story about my first German meal


It’s my first time on German soil and my friends and I stumble upon this huge biergarten in Munich. Excited and giggly, we grab a table, ready to have some authentic German beer. The place feels vibrant, loud, surrounded by trees, and crowded with enthusiastic people. It’s a sunny afternoon and we’re out here living our best life.

We take a long, attentive look at the menu, and unable to pronounce any of those never-seen-before, astonishingly long words, we give up. We then have a bright idea (for own our amusement and our impatient server’s despair): we’re just going to randomly point out at items on the menu, and wherever we land, that’s our order.

We call it “being open to possibilities” and “going with the flow”. In reality, we have no idea what’s coming our way.

Then, this beauty comes along:

Yep. A very appetising plate of sausage and raw onion sitting in a rather questionable liquid, topped with half a cherry tomato and a single pickle slice.

I know. We were at a loss of words, too.

But did we finish the whole thing? I believe we did.

Did we love it? Nope.

Well, we wanted to have an authentic experience and I guess that’s what we got! So remember kids, be careful what you wish for.

The beer was good though.

a little story about my first German meal

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