5 Christmas movies to watch


Is it too early to be talking about Christmas movies? Well, according to my own personal standards, no it is not. In fact it’s never too early to be talking about Christmas at all, except when I think about the fact that last year’s Christmas feels like it was just a couple days ago and that just freaks me out.

But here we are again. It’s finally socially acceptable to bake thousands of cookies for breakfast, to indulge in eggnog and nostalgia, and have Nat King Cole 24/7 on the speakers.

Ahhh Christmas… what a wonderful time! The stress, the holiday blues, the holiday cheers, the families getting together and hugging and fighting and having stupid disagreements, all of it happening over copious amounts of foods and calories. A beautiful madness that goes on until suddenly it’s all over and it’s back to real life again.

There are a few movies that I watch every year over the holidays and let’s be honest, they’re probably the same movies everyone watches every year, but what can I do, they never get old! Like fine wine, they only get better with time. I don’t think I could ever get sick of watching Will Ferrell in Elf. It’s just too good to ever get old. So in case you need some holiday cheer, here’s five movies that will help you get in the mood:

Elf cause duh! 

Home Alone – it’s not Christmas without Home Alone.

Love Actually – everyone’s favorite Christmas rom-com.

While you were sleeping – not exactly a Christmas movie, but it’s set at Christmas and it’s Sandra Bullock plus Bill Pullman plus a very Christmassy Chicago, so it’s basically perfect.

It’s a wonderful life – a wonderful classic with beautiful life lessons.

Also, I would love to know what Christmas movies you love. Send me all your recommendations!!

5 Christmas movies to watch

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