It seemed like a good idea

A little old post from sometime last year.


A German sunrise

Readers, it’s official: I’m finally putting in the time and effort to effectively learn German. Why would you do that to yourself?, you wonder. I know, I often ask that myself. I guess the easy and most obvious answer is that since I now live in Germany, it only makes sense, right?

Most of the time I can get by using English and boy oh boy do I take advantage of that. But at the same time that makes life so tricky. Like when you’re sitting on a train, minding your own business, and following a sudden overhead announcement, half the train stands up and paces around looking worried and stressed out, the other half remains seated and unfazed, the train comes to a stop, some people get off, some people get on, all the while you sit there, absolutely clueless as to what the heck is going on. Exciting, isn’t it?

Besides it’s impossible to be casual and make small talk with the clerk at the grocery store. I inevitably come off as weird every single time. Bottom line: I’m way too out of my comfort zone.

Wish. me. luck.

It seemed like a good idea

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