Books I regret not buying


Confessions of an under-buyer.

They say we only regret chances we didn’t take, I say I only regret books I didn’t buy. The excuses range from no, too expensive! to I don’t need to buy any more books, I still have tons to go through! Which, to be fair, are quite valid reasons to not purchase yet another book, but in a few specific cases, the under-buyer in me makes poor decisions that later on leaves the bookworm in me rather upset. Like that time I decided not to buy a book for fifty cents (!!) because I was nurturing a minimalist mindset *borinnnggg*

It’s been two years, but every time I see The Idiot at a bookstore for $10, $20 or even a mere $5 I remember the time when I could’ve had it for $0.50 from the library sale and my heart sinks. At the time it didn’t seem like such an interesting book, but now that I’ve read the reviews it sounds like the loveliest of coming of age stories, and now I’m super into it, of course. Someday I’ll buy it at a second hand store for the absurd price of $4 and stop with all this dramatic nonsense. Until then, I’ll keep spending my money on aesthetic pleasing cookbooks that are exorbitantly expensive, because you know, priorities or whatever…

I once found a perfect old copy of this book that I actually had been meaning to read for years. But once faced with the possibility of actually buying it, I chickened out and backed out. I told myself I had too many books at home that I should probably tackle before adding a new one to the pile. But every now and then I think about all the wisdom Julia Child has for me in that book that I’ll never know. Unless I actually get around to buying the book.

This wonderful package of not only one, but TWO reference books by Christopher Kimball was once found sitting on a shelf at Winners for $12!! I completely overlooked it, and by the time I came to my senses, it was gone, never to be seen again. I looked all over town for them, but could only find a first edition of The Dessert Bible, that actually feels pretty special. That second hand copy cost me $20 though and I’m still on the hunt for The Cook’s Bible.

For years I’ve hearing about David Sedaris books and how his writing is so amazing and funny. I’ve contemplated buying one or another in so many occasions, and recently I finally caved in. I brought home Me Talk Pretty One Day, and three chapters in, this is all I have to say: I have never in my life laughed so much while reading a book. It’s wonderfully hilarious.

What about you? Are you also an over-thinker, under-buyer bookworm?

Books I regret not buying

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  1. Mai says:

    I read Me Talk Pretty One Day after a friend let me borrow it and it was so hilarious!

    I have recently become an under-buyer for books but only because I realized how amazing my local library is! I can check out ebooks or physical books and I can get the physical books delivered to my closest branch!


    • Anna says:

      It’s so hilarious!! I’m having so much fun reading it.
      That sounds great honestly. I don’t know why I don’t check out books more often! Sometimes I feel like I need to own the book,
      but the truth is I rarely ever read the same book twice, so there’s not point! lol

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