Tuesday Motivation: It takes courage to live.



I have a little tip for you today: if you’re ever feeling down, lost or confused, listening to an empowering motivational speech can actually have a very positive effect of your psyche. Listening to such strong words of encouragement said in an extremely compelling way will most likely make you feel like you can just get out there and accomplish anything.

This exhilarating effect might be short lived, so that’s why I think you should give it a try as often as possible. Get it stuck in your brain. It’ll help you create a more positive self-talk, after all, words hold so much power.

So here’s a speech from Les Brown that’ll hopefully motivate you today. It takes courage to live, but once you decide to give it everything you got, the possibilities are endless. Here’s to a great week!

As you look at your life, ask yourself the question: what would your life be like if you decided not to care what people thought of you? What would your life be like if you decided to give up some of your fears? What would your life be like if you decided to become courageous? What would your life be like? If you decided to act on your dream, if you did what you felt in your heart?

It takes courage to live. Most people go through life not allowing themselves to step out because they don’t want to let go. They don’t want to be blown around. They don’t want to be moved. The courage to face life’s whirling wind of contradictions, the courage to love yourself. The courage to love. The courage to take a chance. The courage to be who you are.

Many people are dead now. Many people are allowing their dreams to die. Many people have all this talent and ability that they will take with them to their graves because they didn’t have the courage to be who they are.

So start living with the sense of urgency because you’re here today, you’re gone today. Life is unpredictable and uncertain. There’s no guarantees out here at all. So what are you waiting on? Ask yourself, what’s the benefit of your waiting and not living your dream? What’s the benefit of not listening to yourself?

Oh please, listen to yourself. If you’ve heard something within yourself that you know that what you’re doing now doesn’t fit for you, it doesn’t work for you, it’s not giving you what you want and there’s something else that you want to do, don’t allow that inner doubt in you to talk you out of it, build a case on why you can’t have it, to tell you why you’re not good enough. Ignore that voice and all of the external voices.

Don’t judge the possibilities for what you can do based upon the circumstances because the circumstances won’t determine who you are. Don’t determine what you’re able to do based upon your resources. Don’t determine what’s possible for you based upon where your life is right now. Where your life is right now is not you, that’s just what it is right now. But the possibilities for you are unlimited if you’re in a rebuilding process. It’s unlimited if you’re coming back from adversity and devastation. It’s unlimited of what you can do. That’s the capacity of human beings. It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you’ve made or how many flops you’ve had. It doesn’t matter how much money you’ve lost. In fact I see it only as an investment what you learn from life, not losses.

Once you start listening to yourself, and as you begin to act on your dream you will start seeing things opening up for you. You’ll start attracting people, things will start coming together, clicking for you. You’ll start brainstorming, ideas will come out of nowhere as you focus on it. The key to it is to begin to focus on what it is you want to do because that which we focus on, that which we give our energy to it will begin to multiply, it will begin to expand and develop your consciousness and out of that comes your greatness, comes a commitment and a passion for life, out of that comes a special power that you have in you that you haven’t even called on yet. The powers we have will never reveal themselves if we don’t challenge them, if we don’t put ourselves in a position where we have to use them.

Put yourself in a position where you can’t retreat, where it’s do or die, sink or swim. Here’s what you’ll find out: you’ll develop incredible swimming skills or swallow half the pool of life. You’ll find yourself stroking like you’ve never seen before. Through the inspiration of desperation you become more creative than ever before.

So throw your whole self into it. See, most people go at it tentatively. They don’t give all their stuff, they don’t concentrate, they don’t put everything they’ve got in them. So as you look at the future you can decide that from this day forward as you look at all the dimensions of your life, looking at yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually you’re going to do all you can do to develop you, to bring your talent out here, to make a contribution.

Tuesday Motivation: It takes courage to live.

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