The best cinnamon roll in Berlin

Germany’s favourite hobby is bread. Dry, dark, boring. It’s the beginning and end to every day. It’s the perfect snack, coated with cream cheese, topped with generous slices of fresh cucumber. They’re very healthy, the Germans.

It’s also a perfectly acceptable option for lunch. No matter the circumstances or consequences, in Germany life is better with bread.

Bakeries are sprinkled across the country like confetti, the smell of fresh bread being baked in the morning invades the streets, inviting locals to line up outside the front door on a Sunday morning. But among countless, ordinary bakeries, there seems to be one that exponentially stands out from the crowd: Zeit für Brot.

It’s a quite a phenomenon. No matter the weather, the time of the day or any other factor, this beloved bakery is always busy, bursting with people coming in and out. There’s never enough seats to accommodate everyone, so you’ll most likely be taking your pastry to go. But it’s alright, it’s the extra price you have to pay, because it’s absolutely worth it.

Maybe I’m not even qualified enough to be telling you, hey, when in Berlin make sure to eat at Zeit für Brot!, because admittedly I’ve only had the cinnamon roll. I needed to see what the buzz was all about. It was so intriguing to me: every time I walked by the place was absolutely crowded, so one day I walked in.

That was the day I had the best cinnamon roll of my life. And let me tell you, I’ve had many cinnamon rolls in my life. I love it so much that my standards can get quite low. I mean, I’m a huge fan of those tiny Walmart rolls that I heat up in the microwave and eat happily ever after. But I know when I meet a perfect cinnamon roll and when I took my first bite at Zeit für Brot time stood still for a second.

Their cinnamon roll is always delightfully fresh and warm, the outside slightly crispy. After my first time, I thought about going back every single day and overdose on cinnamon rolls, but then I decided I would do just the opposite. I don’t ever want to get sick of that heavenly wonder, so I’m saving it for special moments.

When I’m no longer living in Germany I’ll have to find a way to pack copious amounts of Zeit für Brot cinnamon rolls so I can have an endless supply in the future, but for now I’m just happy to be in close proximity to where the best cinnamon roll lives.

Final review: it’s a 10/10! We’re all very enthusiastic around here…

The best cinnamon roll in Berlin

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