Christmas in Hannover, 2017

I got to visit a friend in Hannover over the weekend and it was a cozy, comfy, relaxing and great couple of days! We spent most of the time eating, watching movies, talking, laughing and getting terribly excited upon experiencing the first snowfall of the year – which, by the way, made the entire city look magical. Their Christmas Market is an absolute winter wonderland and I felt like a little kid walking around. I had ramen for the first time in ages, and that was certainly a highlight for me, because ramen is my favourite winter comfort food and there’s nothing like sitting in a cozy restaurant eating a big hot bowl of deliciousness and watch the snow fall outside.

The Christmas Market in the Old Town is absolutely lovely. There’s a Finnish Christmas village, where they have grilled salmon roasting on an open fire and Nordic craftsmen selling their Scandinavian hand-crafted products. And to finish the night off we had mulled wine in the “Wishing Well Wood”, where 50 fir trees and numerous foresters’ cottages create the most wonderful fairy-tale atmosphere in the midst of the historic Old Town.

It’s such a shame my pictures turned out rubbish. I can only assume I was too cold to hold my phone steady and they all look kind of awful, so I apologise for that. The important thing though is that I had a great time and learned that Germans truly know how to do Christmas.

Christmas in Hannover, 2017

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