5 Great Instagram Accounts

First, let us acknowledge the beauty of this 5 euro top I got at Urban Outfitters. I used to work retail at Hollister for a while and I’m very familiar with the slight feeling of desperation that takes over you once the worlds sales and clearance are casually addressed to you through the lips of an overwhelmed manager. The sentence is usually a bit more elaborate than just sales and clearance, but those are the key words that hit you like a train, leaving you dizzy and with the certainty that it is going to be wild shift and a wild day.

All this to say that my heart felt a whole lot of sympathy towards the poor sales associates at Urban when I stepped into the store and the place was a crazy mess. Somehow I managed to navigate through the madness of dozen other young hipster customers and ended up finding the cutest tops that make me feel like a proper VSCO, tumblr, whatever teenage girl that I am deep inside. It’s like I’m stuck in the world of The Virgin Suicides, in a wonderful girly dream.

Okay, now honouring the actual promise of this blog post, here are 5 Instagram accounts that are worth checking out and perhaps even hitting that follow button:













5 Great Instagram Accounts

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