My New Year’s Resolution

I’m not one to make New Year’s Resolutions. I’m constantly making and reevaluating goals throughout the year, and I don’t understand waiting until next year to start making changes to your life. I belong to the generation that doesn’t understand the concept of patience, after all. I live with a sense of urgency, I want something and I want it now, and that’s not really healthy or wise, but as Gaga would wisely tell you, there ain’t no other way, cause baby I was born this way. 

That was until a small, arguably insignificant event that took place yesterday led me to make an impulsive, last-minute and suddenly very critical resolution for the new year, and that will be, in the great scheme of things, the overarching theme that will set the tone for my life from on: a resolution to never pass opportunities by again.

We tend to think that only big, miraculous experiences have the power to change us, but sometimes all it takes is a small act, nothing dramatic or grandiose. Sometimes small things are big enough to change us and define us.

When an opportunity is so ideally presented, it’s a no-brainer moment to act without hesitation. Except I did hesitate. And the opportunity was missed.

I hesitated and didn’t come up to someone that had the potential to make an impact in my life. In a big way, or a small way.. we’ll never know…I was too busy minding my own business, it was a fleeting moment and at that moment my runny nose and sore throat seemed to be taking up all of my attention. It sounds so silly to regret something like this, but when a moment passes you by, you realize you missed a chance that you’ll never get back.

I’m glad it was a small moment that led to a regretful experience that bloomed into a resolution. A moment of regret can change you for good. Small things do make a difference, and then they have the power to impact big decisions in the future if you allow them to change you. Regret can be useful, and small moments can teach you big lessons.

It’s not the great, dramatic times that often define us, but the small, seemingly insignificant ones. The regret and pain of an opportunity missed has led me to resolve that I will never let a moment pass me by again. Life’s too short. We have nothing to lose. Moments like these present us with two choices: the fear of taking a risk or the pain of regret.

Always choose risk. Life’s more fun that way.

My New Year’s Resolution

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