on love.

It’s all about love


I remember the first time I fell in love. Slowly and then all at once. I was a cliche, and it all started to make sense. All those pop songs I had been listening to all my life. All the movies, all the books, everything around me. I thought I knew what they were all about, but I had no idea. I was suddenly part of a club. I was Rob Gordon in High Fidelity. My life was a John Mayer song, a Richard Curtis movie. Food tasted better, colours looked brighter, I couldn’t run fast enough to get to him. Nothing ever felt so good and then nothing ever hurt so bad.

I was again part of a club. The brokenhearted club. That one also made a lot of sense. No one ever said that heartbreak is the kind of pain that leaves you agonising, lying on the floor. You learn what it’s like to feel lonely, no matter where you are. This time around food tastes horrible, the colours are not so bright and sleep becomes a challenging task. It’s a solitary kind of pain.

You survive though. You come out of it more human. You learn that love is all around and it’s all really about love. It comes from all directions, in different ways, shapes and forms and it moves the world around. Suddenly it hits you: you have yet to meet some of the biggest loves of your life and that gives you hope. You’re one step closer now, your heart is a little bit more ready.

Timing is everything. The stars line up. Things fall into place. It’s all a mystery.

A wonderful, exciting, painful, exhilarating mystery.

on love.

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