Got my head in the clouds

It’s been a beautiful summer. Riding bikes through Massachusetts tiny towns, unlimited amounts of ice cream with hot fudge sauce and meeting lovely, mad people who make me laugh like there’s no tomorrow.

Got my head in the clouds. I procrastinate and leave everything to be done at the very last minute. It’s fall, the leaves are falling. The trees are a gorgeous blend of yellow, red and orange; and I am my very own blend of confusion, stress and excitement. So much to do, so little time.

Another year has gone by in the blink of an eye. I walk a fine line between melancholy and nostalgia. I’ve nurture my fears this year, keeping them close, haunting me, leading the way. I feel extraordinary, ordinary, a beautiful mess. There’s no time to dwell on past mistakes. The clock is ticking, my heart is beating fast. He makes my heart beat faster.

I’ll take my heart back, mend the broken pieces. Through broken pieces, we mend. Through broken pieces, we heal. This time I choose love. Love has torn us apart, but love will guide us home. And I’ve been homesick too long.

Love take care of us, please.

Got my head in the clouds

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