Summer 2019

The last one of the decade.

Summer 2019 I was back in Canada after months of cold, grey Germany living. Toronto is a city that enthusiastically embraces summer, where festivals take over the streets all over town, there’s life and music everywhere. It’s truly exciting, and despite all the heat and humidity I love Toronto summers.

I love Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market, sit on the beach and read a book, Trinity Bellwoods Park walks, there’s so much to do in the summer it’s seriously overwhelming. It’s the most wonderful problem to have to deal with.

We decided to do an impromptu little trip up to Montreal to enjoy the very last moments of summer, and it was absolutely lovely. I hadn’t been there in years, and I fell in love with the city all over again. We had some seriously good food there and I could spend hours talking about Schwarz’s smoked meat sandwich that we stood in life for as we were hangry and starving, but I would do it all over again because it was so worth it and I do anything for good food. But I won’t elaborate too much on it. All I’m gonna say is put it on your list when you go to Montreal. The whole atmosphere is quaint and loud and cozy. You go in, order within 3 seconds, while the server intensely stares at you waiting impatiently to take your order. There’s absolutely no time to overthink. You eat your sandwich, you’re out. No lingering.

I made a video documenting the last summer of the decade, that is part city guide, part city vibes, and although it doesn’t cover half of our summer shenanigans, it’s a video I’ve come to really cherish and it’ll be a great little time capsule for the future.

As we enter the new year and the new decade, I look back at 2019 with a full heart. There’s so many wonderful memories to look back on, I feel humbled and grateful.

Here’s to memories of summers past and future memories of summers past – because we love nostalgia.

PS: watch and enjoy the video. It’s a labour of love! And then proceed to go through the endless supply of pictures I provide at the the end of this post. I couldn’t pick just a few, so I went with a bunch! I hate decision fatigue, so I just make things easy for myself – which coincidently is my new mantra.

Summer 2019

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