Daydreaming & Longing

Dear reader,

How are you? What has been inspiring you lately?

Here’s what’s been on my mind these days.

I’ve been thinking about those times spent alone in our bedrooms. You know, like your bedroom is your sanctuary, even in the midst of chaos or madness, or when things are properly placed and obnoxiously clean. I think of those times when I lock myself in my sanctuary because I need time and focus to put things into perspective. Or when I’m feeling anxious, or in desperate need to figure out how to become the person I want to be. When I need to learn to ask for what I want.

It’s overthinking, daydreaming and longing. Some experiences are meant to be a glorified idea of reality. They’re more fulfilling when kept at a distance, like a platonic lover, like with crushes. Sometimes I like creating my own reality and long for the future. I miss things I never had and places I’ve never been… sometimes the longing stays with me.

You know when you’re reading a book and see pictures in your mind? And you create entire universes in your head, and then you start picturing yourself getting what you want, you think of lost dreams and expectations, and things that make you so happy. Longing takes over your consciousness, and you can be anything, be anywhere.

I know this is making me sound crazy, but whatever. I think this year is about picturing yourself getting what you want. And it’s about getting what you want.

I also need to tell you about my favourite book of 2019 – topic for a different post! – but this whole letter started with me buying this adorable top from Urban Outfitters, that makes me feel girly and mysterious, like straight out of The Virgin Suicides wardrobe. And since the London sisters were all about longing, mystery and escapism, I was inspired by the whole narrative.


This year I want to challenge my personal style the same I do my wildest dreams. For a long time I’ve been wearing mostly t-shirts, blazers and jeans, because I’m so drawn to androgynous looks, but lately I’ve been very into delicate, feminine details, so this is a good start.

If you want to feel a bit inspired, I found a playlist on Spotify based on the movie, and it’s full of old gems. You can find it down below 🙂

Hope you enjoy!




Daydreaming & Longing

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  1. Soph says:

    Ooh I’ll definitely check out this playlist- I’m always inspired by music. I love your top!
    Soph – x


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