Big City vs. Nature Living

Lately I’ve been wondering…do I want live in a big, exciting city, or close to nature? Somewhere where I can pick up new hobbies, like surfing and hiking on the weekends?

It’s like having two love interests and you simply can’t decide. I’ve always been a city girl, but growing up, every summer we would spend weeks riding horses at my grandparent’s farm. Running wild and free, exploring nature, swimming and eating fresh fruits straight off the trees. It sounds so idyllically, and it actually was.

As I grew older I was consumed with the idea of living in a big city. A place where life was happening without me, where I could get lost in the crowd and be anything I wanted. But living in a big city is draining just as it is exciting, and from time to time my body and soul craved some quiet moments in nature, where there was no pressure, no comparison, no rent to pay. That dynamic has always been essential in my life.

But now I’m at a crossroad.

Do I go back to big city living, where rent prices are getting ridiculous and everyone is stressing themselves out just to get by? Out of nowhere I’ve started to daydreaming about surfing waves and watching sunsets at the beach. Somewhere slightly tropical where I didn’t have to feel like a small fish in a big pond or even a big fish in a small pond. Just some place where I could just…be?

This is crazy talk. I mean, what would I do without a 24 hour grocery store and easy access to a subway station?

No decision is permanent, so I’m just playing ideas around in my head. Oh the possibilities…

This morning, when I opened my inbox there was an email from that caught my attention. I rarely open those, but maybe I was just meant to read this one:


I haven’t looked through all the answers, but they seem to have two themes;

  1. NZ is great because it’s pretty and natural, ecologically.
  2. It’s dull because it doesn’t have huge cities with lots of crowd or cultural buzz.

That’s a trade off, when you think about it. The second is true, but then I argue that living in Rome doesn’t mean you’ll visit the Sistine Chapel every month. The artwork is the same.

However, I ride waves, and every new one is different. I look forward to catching another trout immediately after I’ve just landed one.

But if you need crowd energy, then stick to a big city. Personally I think New Zealand offers the chance for you to be content with your own company, and I think that is a key to contentment.

And be careful of those who boast about all the things you can do in a big city because most residents don’t. There are teenage boys living in the outer circle of London who have never been on a tube to the city centre. I know this for a fact. Big cities require lots of money for you to continually enjoy eating out, clubbing, or going to festivals or theatres or plays or movies or circuses. That is elite living.

The Sistine chapel costs about twenty euro every time you go. I have yet to pay for a wave I have surfed.


It’s a trade off, but could I possibility have both? I want it all. 

What about you? Are you a city person or a nature person? Or both?

Big City vs. Nature Living

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