5 Great Podcasts

In times of quarantine, online entertainment makes being trapped at home a little more interesting. It’s either that or being hard on yourself trying to be extra productive, but in my personal experience I go back and forth a lot. Some days I get frustrated for not using my time more productively, and other days my emotions get the best of me and everything feels too heavy and slightly pointless.

I’ve learned to allow my emotions to move through me and honestly? I wasted a couple days binge watching Tiger King and I’m kind of okay with that ( but what a weird, mad world! It got me feeling a bit depressed if I’m being completely honest…).

I find podcasts to be a great way to be entertained, feel like you’re being a part of a conversation, or to learn new things while also being productive. I sometimes listen when I’m cooking, on a walk or doing my nails.

Have you listened to any great podcasts lately? Here are five ones I check regularly, and I would love to hear your suggestions…

5 Great Podcasts

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