Easy hair masks to make at home

I’m guilt of going months without moisturising my hair, but now I have plenty of time on my hands to spend on self-care activities, don’t I? I love experimenting with natural ingredients and nature presents us with a variety of choices that are cheap and easy to find. Two essential elements during quarantine.

Doing hair masks at home doesn’t require expertise or much energy on your part. It fits perfectly on a lazy Sunday self-care routine, but everyday can be lazy Sunday now, so why not take advantage of all the possibilities social distancing has to offer?

Coconut oil usually works really well for me. I apply it to dry hair, from the mid to ends, avoiding the roots. I leave it on for 45 minutes or 4 hours, depending on my mood. I then rinse it out with shampoo, and I usually need about three rinses to entirely wash it out. And that’s the entire hair mask routine.

Yesterday I added olive oil to my usual coconut oil before massaging it through my hair and it also worked great! These are only two examples, the possibilities do seem to be endless. I have so many options to go through actually, that maybe when I finally get to leave the house I’ll have perfect princess hair. Not complaining.

I apply the same technique to hair masks as I do to cooking: I just eyeball everything. It works every time. Trust your instincts! You’ll know exactly how much you’ll need of each ingredient, there’s no right or wrong here. I hope these inspire you to come up with your own natural blends and treatments, and if you’re feeling extra generous, you can share your ideas with us, too. I’ll be happy to hear any new ones.

Here are some ideas:

Olive oil and honey

Olive oil and mashed banana

Olive oil and mashed avocado

Coconut oil, honey and egg – melt the coconut oil, whisk the egg in a separate bowl. Combine and add the honey.

Coconut oil and apple cider vinegar

Olive oil and egg

Easy hair masks to make at home

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