30 Things That Make Me Feel Comforted in 30 Minutes or Less



This post is completely inspired by this one I saw on Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Being human is HARD. These are not easy times we’re living. Sitting at home all day not knowing when this is all going to end, not knowing what the near future holds, not being able to plan out your life, you quickly realise that we really have no control over anything. We’re just a grain of sand and this is a vast, vast universe! But we do have some control over our lives right now. There are only two options, after all: love or fear. And in the words of Jim Carrey, choose love and don’t ever let fear turn you away from your playful heart.

So let’s play a little game. Real life is too much to handle right now, so let’s have a little fun. We don’t need to try hard to be productive 24/7 (talking to myself here), we can just be, just take it slow. Let’s do small, tiny things that make our souls happy.

Here are 30 things that I do that make me feel comforted. They take no time, no equipment, can be done at home, anytime, any day, no prescription needed.

1. Meditate.

Meditation to me is about just being quiet and listen to my thoughts. It’s about cutting off the noise, turning off the phone and the outside world. It’s like a reset button and some days work better than others. 10 minutes is usually enough to quiet my mind and that’s okay, you don’t need to spend hours trying to master the art of meditation everyday. Some apps I like: Headspace and Calm, but there’s also plenty of good resources on youtube.

2. Stretch! Do some yoga

I LOVE the feeling of stretching my muscles. It’s like getting a massage honestly. Not only does stretching clear your mind by allowing you to focus on your body, it also releases endorphins. We love endorphins. Endorphins are good. Yoga with Kassandra has wonderful yoga routines that take 10 minutes in the morning and they are my absolute favourites at the moment.

3. Take a hot shower or bath.

Hot showers to me are like therapy sessions, they’re a treatment to anything: heartbreak, sadness, happiness, overthinking, making decisions, getting my life together.

4. Make it cozy.

Making anything cozy is my love language. Light up a candle, set a mood, make some hot chocolate. Whatever it takes, whatever version suits you. Be comfortable.

5. Pinterest.

We can all have our dream lives on pinterest, where everything is perfect, and beautiful and charming. It’s a positive platform where you can just find inspiration for your future life and your future self. We can dare to dream and pinterest is a bottomless of ideas and that always makes me feel happy and inspired.

6. Work on a vision board.

Talking about pinterest, work on a vision board! We still have so much to look forward to, it feels so good to set your dreams and goals straight, to know exactly what you want. Vision boards are just a visual way to organise all of that and to remind you to never give up.

7. Take a walk.

Get outside. Breathe in some fresh air. Get your body moving and your thoughts flowing. There’s no better way to get hit by epiphany or your next great idea. Except maybe a hot shower?

8. Speak positive affirmations

We waste a lot of time and energy judging ourselves and being too hard on ourselves. Speaking positive affirmations will transform you life, improve your mental health and your mood. It’s like being your biggest supporter and best friend. DVF is always saying the most important relationship you have in life is the one you have with yourself. Self-image has a significant impact on your decision-making process and sense of self-worth, don’t forget that. You can change your own life.

9. Watch a cozy movie.

The power of nostalgia cannot be underestimated! If I’m feeling blue, watching an old beloved movie that I’ve watched a million times before will instantly transport me to a better place. It doesn’t need to be a whole movie, sometimes I just put on Friends or Gilmore Girls while I’m doing something else and it is the cosiest feeling ever. Highly recommend.

10. Call someone you love.

Human beings need connection. Call your sister, your grandpa, an old friend. Anyone. Make them feel important, show them that you care. You’re guaranteed to have a few laughs at the very least.

11. Bake something.

Growing up, one of my favourite things were waking up or getting home to the smell of something delicious being baked. Food is love. Taking the time to bake something for people you love or just yourself is truly a labor of love and it brings people together. You can make great cookies, cakes, brownies in under 30 minutes. It’s a miracle.

12. Read a book.

Sit down with a physical book and no distractions. Just allow yourself to enter a different world. If you want to read something funny I recommend David Sedaris and Bill Bryson, they’re both hilarious. If you want a love story you can’t put down, read Normal People. There are so many books, so little time!

13. Pamper yourself.

Everyone has different ways to treat themselves. Give yourself a manicure, stretch, eat sweets, light up a candle. It’s all about being cozy here, I’m just coming up with different terms to say the same thing basically.

14. Journal.

The best way for me to process my thoughts is by writing them down. It helps me so much. Some of them I don’t ever even read back, I just need to get them out of mind and down on paper. But some of them I like to keep as memories to look back on. I recently started Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project One Sentence Journal and I love writing down the highlights of my day everyday.

15. Listen to songs.

Music is truly powerful. Think of the soundtrack of your life. When I listen to one of my favourite songs I feel instantly incredibly inspired and empowered. Like I can do anything. Make a playlist on spotify!

16. Fresh sheets, fresh comfy clothes.

The feeling of clean, crisp bedding and pjs bring comfort like nothing else. That’s it.

17. Exercise.

Don’t overthink this one, just do it. Mind over matter. You’ll thank yourself later.

18. Send a postcard.

People love getting postcards in the mail. Write love letters to your friends. This is the perfect time to be engaging in this sort of activity.

19. Take photos.

Make memories. Go on a photography expedition. You’ll start noticing things in your environment you never did before.

20. Help someone.

Help someone with their groceries, donate to a good cause, buy from a local business.

21. Dance.

It feels good.

22. Learn something.

Coursera has hundreds of courses on numerous topics for free. There’s Masterclass, Skillshare, Youtube. There’s so much learn and no excuses not to anymore. It’ll make you feel smarter, that feels pretty good.

23. Declutter.

Cleaning is an easy way to distract yourself, and a clean space is pure bliss.

24. Make a list.

Write a gratitude list, list things that bring you joy, recipes to try. The world is your oyster.

25. Play instrument.

You don’t have to be great at it, just have fun. You can play thousands of songs using the same 5 chords on guitar, and you’ll impress all your friends.

26. Make a scrapbook.

I love craft projects. Scrapbooks are such a fun and creative way to keep your travel memories, or work on any ideas you want to organise.

27. Open a bottle of wine.

Proceed with drinking said wine.

28. Buy flowers.

They make the house feel alive. Add beauty to your life whenever possible.

29. Stop for coffee.

The smell of fresh coffee is all you need.

30. Plan a passion project.

Plant a garden, plan a trip, start a podcast, a book club. Take time to work on things that set your soul on fire.


Do you have any ideas to add to this list?


30 Things That Make Me Feel Comforted in 30 Minutes or Less

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