Where will you travel when the world is safe again?



Last year I traveled to 7 different countries. SEVEN. How ridiculously privileged is that?! Traveling is not always glamorous or even easy. There’s an exhausting amount of planing and logistics involved. There’s a lot of pre-work that needs to be done so there’s room for spontaneity afterwards. There’s budgeting – specially if you travel to places like Copenhagen, there’s getting used to new routines. It’s a wonderful way of getting out of your comfort zone.

I did so much travelling last year and slept in so many different beds that by the end of it I was completely done and satisfied. Instead of planning trips I was now planning morning routines. The travelling bug comes back to bite me every now and then, though. It will always be like that, sometimes you just want to run away, explore new destinations. Daydreaming about places I haven’t been is a bittersweet way to live. Now that the outside world is a hazard, staying in and let your mind wonder about the vastness of this planet and all the possibilities it offers is the only thing one can do. Although I’m still not exactly craving a new trip, I just know that someday I’ll wake up with an urge to pack my bags and go. Until then, I like going over possibilities. The place sitting at the top of my list is one that has been comfortably sitting there for a while: Iceland.

I’ve done enough research on the country to know that the best way to see it is by car. That there isn’t an abundance of restaurants and hotels to choose from at the every corner, that most of them will be closed in the colder seasons; that everything there is prohibitively expensive. So that has to be one very special trip and I need to make sure I’m there when it’s Northern Lights season.

There are also old places I’ll love to go back to. Algonquin Park in Ontario is absolutely stunning, one of my favourite places in the world. It’s blindingly beautiful in the fall, when the colours are so intense it hurts your eyes. I can’t wait to go canoeing and hiking and walking extremely close to people again. I can’t wait to bump into people, furiously complain about slow walkers and sidewalk blockers, be annoyed at loud tourists until I realise I am one of them. I can’t wait for the world to be the same again, but this time different. This time I’ll appreciate it more, I’ll be more loving and caring towards it. I hope we’ll all be.

Where do you want to travel when it’s safe to explore the world again?

Where will you travel when the world is safe again?

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