My Favourite YouTube Channels for Full At-Home Workouts



We’ve all been needing some self-soothing these past few weeks. It’s been more important than ever for me to feel that Iā€™m taking good care of my body and health. I’ve been doing yoga and working out every day and it feels good. It’s hard to feel motivated when you’re stuck at home, but motivation is a tricky thing. You can’t wait for it show up, you just have to start doing something and motivation will follow. Starting is the hardest part. There are so many amazing resources available online and they’re all free. Working out at home can be a great option when access to the gym is not an option. So many great, challenging exercises only require your own body weight and no extra equipment. To make things a little bit more intense I wear ankle weights and use dumbbells. Starting the day off with a flexibility yoga routine feels so good and relaxing. I couldn’t recommend it more.

Here are some of my current favourite youtube channels for a proper home workout, I hope these suggestions are useful.

Yoga with Kassandra

Boho Beautiful




Bailey Brown

My Favourite YouTube Channels for Full At-Home Workouts

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  1. Grace Louise says:

    Ohhh thank you so much for the recommendations Hun! Hope you’re having a lovely week šŸ™‚

    Grace ||


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