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I get really bad decision paralyses whenever I need to buy a new product or when I feel like trying a different brand. The problem gets particularly difficult when buying groceries or at a drugstore. The massive variety of choices available is too overwhelming for me and I am capable of spending hours staring at shelves, reading labels and not being able to reach any conclusive decision in the end. It’s exhausting. So after a lot of pondering and analyses and stealing friends’ skin care routines, I found Vichy Purete Thermale Foaming Cream. According to a friend of mine anything that comes from France is far superior in quality than any other option, so I decided to give this one a try. It’s an everyday deep cleansing cream and the foaming texture is light and moisturising. A little goes a long way and it doesn’t dry out my skin, which is very important to me. I hate tightness and my skin gets easily and unbearably dry. My love for the product seems to have reached extreme levels: I went through the trouble of producing a rather mediocre stop motion video to display my affection. It’s borderline pathetic, but I’m strangely proud of it. Besides my skill levels can only go up from here so I’m looking at the bright side.


Since signing up for the free trial of Hulu I started watching Little Fires Everywhere and got hooked. Reese Witherspoon is truly a force of nature. Everything she produces and stars in lately is – pun intendedfire, and this series is no exception. It’s powerful to watch females stories on screen and see them take over the narrative. The performances are amazing and the episodes are intriguing and thought provoking. I’m very excited to watch the final episode this week.


I can’t get enough of Alison Roman. I am deeply in love with her unfussy and yet amazing recipes. I highly recommend getting her books. I’ve tried a few recipes these past few weeks and next up on my list is her classic pie crust. I’m terribly excited to try this one and my expectations are extremely high. I’ll keep you posted!


Three Fun Things

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