7 sweet, overlooked movies to watch with your relatives



It’s quarantine season and I guess lots of people out there are relaxing(?), stressing out(?) at home with their families. Finding a crowd-pleasing movie can be a challenging task in and of itself, so…

…in case you’re ever stuck surfing for a movie, here’s a lovely list of 7 movies that would be fun to watch with relatives. They’re all great and sweet, starring wonderful casts and performances – I’m surprised they’re so unknown and forgotten! No violence, no awkwardness, just gentle storylines that will warm your heart.

Dear Frankie

Let me set the scene: a gloomy, melancholy Scotland. A quiet, utterly lovely portrait of a family. A single mom trying to protect her young son. Gerard Buttler as a stand-in father. The soundtrack is beautiful, the story sad, lonely, but ultimately it’s an uplifting tale.

Lars and The Real Girl

Two words: Ryan. Gosling. Is that enough to convince you? Ha!

Quirk, weird, funny, unexpected, and sweet. Lars is an introvert who has a hard time socializing and making friends. One day he announces he met a girl online and his family is overjoyed with the news. The only thing they did not quite expect is that she’s actually a life-size plastic woman. But on the advice of a doctor (Patricia Clarkson), his family and the rest of the community go along with his delusion, making the whole thing a strange, lovely romantic story.

Elvis and Anabelle

Another strange, sweet, and unexpected romance! Park dark comedy, part magical realism, the movie follows the story of young beauty queen Anabelle (Blake Lively) and Charlie, a mortician’s son who runs the day-to-day operations of his family’s funeral home. After an unfortunate incident, Charlie is tasked with embalming Annabelle but surprise!! She has miraculously returns to life before he can begin the procedure. The revived Annabelle has no desire to return to her previous existence, and she decides to stay with Elvis and perhaps help him out of his own rut, brightening his days, going on silly adventures that people who are in love doing together.


Rob Reiner has a beautiful way of telling youngsters stories ( Stand by Me will always break my heart), so of course Flipped is unabashedly nostalgic and endearing. Set in the 60’s, Flipped takes Bryce and Juli, who first meet in second grade – Julie knows it’s love, Bryce isn’t so sure – to junior high, through triumph and disaster, family drama and first love, as they make the discoveries that will define who they are—and who they are to each other.

The Peanut Butter Falcon

Set in the world of a modern Mark Twain, a young man who has Down syndrome goes on an adventure that involves wrestling and crabbing. He befriends an outlaw (Shia LaBeouf) who becomes his coach and ally, and together they make a winning team. Genuine and sweet, you’ll come out of it smiling.

While You Were Sleeping

In great Sandra Bullock style, this is a cheerful and contagious romantic comedy. Lucy is a lonely ticket booth worker for the Chicago Transit Authority, whose day revolves around the morning arrival of a gorgeous yuppie commuter. Every night she goes home, unwraps a TV dinner, bonds with her cat, and fights off the unwanted advances of her landlord’s son. Coerced into working over Christmas, Lucy’s dream man finally becomes more reality than she can cope with, when he’s mugged on her platform and ends up on the tracks, leaving Lucy to step in and save him from the wheels of an oncoming train. I have watched this one more times than I could possibly count. A classic.

The Grand Seduction

Shot in stunning Newfoundland, Tickle Head, a down-on-its-luck fishing village charms a doctor into becoming the town’s full-time physician in order to secure a vital factory contract. Cliche and sweet. Like a good old nostalgic movie should be.

Thoughts? Any more to add to the list? I’d love to hear!!!

7 sweet, overlooked movies to watch with your relatives

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