Fun alternatives to wrapping paper

Mother’s day is going to be celebrated in a very unique way this year and if there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us is that we desperately need to be more environmentally conscious. That – and for our own sake – we need to be resourceful! I don’t know about you, but it’s been particularly difficult getting my hands on a bag of flour in this neck of the woods these days, so shopping for any extra fussy details for mother’s day would be particularly challenging.

I know that’s not exactly a problem, since online shopping is still thriving, but that led me to wonder about creative ways of wrapping presents that don’t involve any extra cost or waste… It turns out there are a lot more fun alternatives than I thought! (can you sense the enthusiasm?) These are perfect times to try and be more crafty anyways, so think of it as a fun little project. Martha Stewart would be so proud!

Kids’ Art

Can you believe these are children’s drawings?? They look surprisingly sophisticated and what a unique, personal way to elevate a gift.


I’m sure you have some lying around the house. Pro tip: the travel section is specially good for a visually pleasant result.

Old book pages

A great way to honour an old book that’s falling apart!

Brown paper bag

Rustic, but classy.


And one final idea I found to be fantastic: New Yorker covers! How intellectual.

Any other ideas to more sustainable ways of wrapping gifts? I’d love to know!


Fun alternatives to wrapping paper

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