Need something new to binge watch?

There’s a high probability you’ve heard about it by now, but maybe the news haven’t reached you yet, in which case that means two things for you:

a) you’re missing out.

b) you are about to watch a brilliant show that’s going to move you in ways you don’t even expect.

Normal People. The book that swept me – and readers all over the world – off my feet last year is finally on screen. A fantastic adaptation, the series absolutely does not disappoint. Every little detail feels so lovingly cared for, it’s so intimate and quiet, it’s like you’re right there, living it all with them, a fly on the wall.

Lenny Abrahamson, who directed the series, shows how casting the right people is crucial when turning a show into something much bigger that the sum of its parts. The undeniable chemistry between the main characters, their sparks and magnetism makes the story powerfully relatable and real. We follow the tempestuous relationship between young lovers Marianne and Connell, from high school in a small town in Ireland, through their college years in Dublin. It’s a refreshingly nuanced study of young love, with powerful performances.

It’s only 12 episodes and so beautifully done, you’ll find yourself rewatching the whole thing many times over. It never gets boring though. Every time I notice different things, and each new time will make you feel something different. The first time around I shed a few tears, the second time left me desperately balling. Who knows what the third time will bring.

I once read that life is too short to read the same book twice, and in truth, I never revisited a book after reading it once. But after watching Normal People I can’t stop thinking how I should reread that damn book. Shed a few more tears, break my heart all over again.

Why not.

Need something new to binge watch?

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